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For the past few years Alan Deeming, secretary of Bembridge Angling Club, has joined with Tony Williams, former president of Vectis Boating & Fishing Club, in representing the interests of local Recreational Sea Anglers (RSA) through their involvement in the Isle of Wight committee of the Angling Trust. Both are currently members of the Angling Trust's national Conservation & Access Group. Both are volunteers who receive no payment for their work other than the reimbursement of the occasional ferry fare to allow them to attend meetings on the mainland.
Tony as been involved in angling related bodies, at local, national & international (EAA) level, for many years, stretching back into the earlier days of the NFSA. Tony was awarded honorary life membership of the EAA in recognition of his services to recreational angling.
Alan has only in recent years become involved again at local and national level having been initially reintroduced to the IW AT committee by Tony as a result of their mutual involvement with the initial Marine Conservation Zone proposal exercise. Tony then nominated Alan to join the AT's national Conservation & Access Group.
Both would be delighted if some younger enthusiastic anglers would get involved in trying to promote the interests of local RSAs but, for lack of any such volunteers, Tony & Alan are happy to carry on as far as they are able.
A lot of their work is carried out in the background and this may not be apparent to all until made public by way of newsletters etc.
Alan & Tony see the near future being beset with attempts to regulate our activities and it will only be with good support from rank & file anglers that any unreasonable attempts can even begin to be contested.
We have the situation that many commercial fisheries are, according to national & international bodies, being exploited beyond their sustainable level. Bass being the most recent under the spotlight. Ongoing failure at local, national & EU level to introduce reasonable conservation measures is of great concern as is the latest well publicised proposal to limit anglers to 1 Bass per day per angler whilst still allowing the commercial fleet to catch immature specimens that have not had a chance to breed at least once. This is totally unfair on anglers. If, however, anglers continue to be unwilling to give voice to their support for the Angling Trust's campaigns on this subject when requested to write to their MP & MEP then they can hardly be surprised if the outcome is not favourable to anglers.
We have recently learned that the UK government is going to propose a 2 Bass daily bag limit despite campaigning by AT to get a more equitable proposal. This finally (2015) ended up as a 3 fish per person per day limit applicable to not only anglers but to anyone catching a bass who is not registered to sell commercially. Additional limits on commercial catches also imposed.
For anglers to sit back, do nothing, and assume someone else will protect their interests will increasingly become an unrealistic expectation.
For AT reaction to commons debate about Bass on 3-12-14 see AT delight that MPs favour Bass to be Rod & Line only
For latest AT web page (14-12-14) about Bass conservation see AT Bass conservation

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