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Sunday, 20 September 2020 15:01
Apologies that this web site had not been very active due to pressure of work on other angling related tasks. As of April 2020, the "Our Work" section, including sub pages, was rewritten and/or brought up to date. Please note that once you have hovered over the "Our Work" button, if you click on the "Our Work" text you get an overview section in addition to the sections accessed from clicking on the titles in the drop down menu.
You do not need to register as a user to be able to access the content of this site. It is only required if you wish to post in the forum section.
Latest News
COVID-19 LOCKDOWN: UPDATE 2nd July 2020: 

The government announced on 10-5-20, that we could go fishing again from Wednesday 13-5-20 BUT SOCIAL DISTANCING MUST STILL BE MAINTAINED.

The latest extensive advice from AT, although titled May has actually been updated as of late June and includes:-

Fishing from beach and shore is ok, with members of your own household and up to 5 persons outside your household – stick to social distancing guidelines.  
Fishing from a boat is also Ok with just  members of your own household but social distancing when embarking and disembarking must be observed. 
If you have a larger boat where the current social distancing requirements can be easily achieved on board for your entire crew then see the latest AT advice here

The guidance against recreational activity afloat issued by local Police in early April will, of course, no longer apply.


In late April, the Angling Trust submitted proposals to government to allow angling to resume and that has paid a large part in the change and is another example of what AT does for us anglers. 
For full details of the original AT submission see here (click on)     Get fishing again
30-3-20: For new Angling Trust web site page just for marine see (click on):-
Additionally a new AT web site introduced to keep anglers and their families entertained during the Covid-19 lockdown and help relieve some of the stress and worries we’re all experiencing right now. (click on):-
16-4-20; Association of IFCAs publish interactive map showing control measures in force (eg bottom towed gear) 
20-3-20: Southern IFCA proposed inshore netting control
 read more button
 20-3-20: Hand working permits DSIFCA
read more button
25-3-20: IW committee AGM was set for
21-4-2020 but is now postponed due to current government restrictions. New date will be advised once circumstances allow.
See below on this page

18-12-19: BASSIn 2020 sea anglers will have their bag limit increased from 1 fish per day per person to 2 fish and the open season will be increased from 7 months to 9 months (1 March to 30 November).

20-11-19: AT is seeking comments on proposed amendments to its list of target weights for its annual specimen award scheme. Secretaries of affiliated clubs on the IW have been contacted seeking their club's views on suggested changes appropriate to just our local area.
13-12-19: still awaiting responses from Ventnor & Totland clubs.
A local sea angling forum was held on
Thursday 21st November 2019 in Portsmouth. It was open to all, not just AT members & was well attended by 30-40 people.
A further forum is being planned for the new year 2020 here on the IW at Ryde.
6-9-19: URGENT APPEAL: The IW division of AT is urgently seeking a volunteer or volunteers to take on the roles of division chairman and division secretary as the current officer is no longer willing to stand. Without such volunteers coming forward, there has been a suggestion that it be proposed that the IW division be wound up. Please support your local division by coming forward. If you don't have the personal email address of an officer then please use the send a message function under the contact us page.
14-10-19: An alternative proposed by AT is for the IW to merge with the Wessex division.
11-12-19: See lots of info about the current Bass situation & new campaign by clicking here:-
27-4-18: 2018 AGM: SEE BELOW  
28-8-17: Received preliminary report that IW boat record for Gilt Head Bream has been broken with a fish of 5 lbs plus. Subject to confirmation & further details
Now confirmed. Will Merwood 5lbs 1/2 oz
See below.
12-8-17: Live Wrasse Commercial Fishery: Angling Trust Campaign read more button



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