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Tuesday, 15 October 2019 03:06
6-9-19: URGENT APPEAL: The IW division of AT is urgently seeking a volunteer or volunteers to take on the roles of division chairman and division secretary as the current officer is no longer willing to stand. Without such volunteers coming forward, there has been a suggestion that it be proposed that the IW division be wound up. Please support your local division by coming forward. If you don't have the personal email address of an officer then please use the send a message function under the contact us page.
14-10-19: An alternative proposed by AT is for the IW to merge with the Wessex division.
Invitation to a local sea angling forum
Thursday 21st November 7pm Portsmouth.
Open to all, not just AT members.
19-8-19 : Support calls for increased Bass bag limit in 2020 by clicking here:-
12-7-19: Details of AT member survey plus "free" AT membership added below.
MCZ page updated. 
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8-12-18: Southern IFCA was consulting on possible inshore netting restrictions but consultation closed 7th Dec.
Excellent response from anglers. Outcome awaited from SIFCA.
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19-12-18: Now confirmed :  Bass restriction from EU for 2019 is 1 Bass per day between 1st April & 31st October. No retention at all in January to March plus November & December. 
28-9-18:It is official: EU has reintroduced a one fish daily bag limit for Bass for anglers for the remainder of 2018 starting Monday 1st October
24-9-18: Island record list corrected for Dec 2017  
12:6:18: Defra has commenced consultation on designation of 2 more local MCZs  Consultation ends 20th July read more button
22-5-18: "Free"  personal membership of Angling Trust. read more button
27-4-18: 2018 AGM: SEE BELOW  
22-12-17: Outside chance that Bass restrictions on RSAs may be relaxed late in 2018.
14-12-17: Only catch & release for Bass for RSAs in 2018    
25-11-17: Zero Bass Catch in 2018? : CAMPAIGN AGAINST.
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9-9-17: Urgent call to support BASS campaign for 2018 as deadline for submissions is 15th September read more button
28-8-17: Received preliminary report that IW boat record for Gilt Head Bream has been broken with a fish of 5 lbs plus. Subject to confirmation & further details
Now confirmed. Will Merwood 5lbs 1/2 oz
See below.
12-8-17: Live Wrasse Commercial Fishery: Angling Trust Campaign read more button
12-8-17: Contact us page updated See here 
12-8-17: Island record list updated to end 2016  See here
AGM of the Isle of Wight marine section of the Angling Trust was held on Monday 6th February, 2017 
See minutes below.
18-2-17: Bass: Final EU restrictions during 2017 
30-10-16: Bass: EU Recommendations during 2017
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